Wilderness First Responder

This 72-80 hour course is the industry standard for adventure and rafting guides, Search And Rescue, as well as outdoor leaders.

Typically taught over 8 or 9 days, WFR teaches students to become proficient as wilderness medicine providers, dealing with medical emergencies in the backcountry where help is significantly delayed.



Wilderness First AidWilderness First Aid

Whether you venture into your local park or deep into the backcountry, having a solid foundation of first aid skills instills confidence.

Now required by the Boy Scouts for many of its High Adventure programs (such as Philmont & Northern Tier), this two-day intensive wilderness first aid course offers an intro to wilderness medicine.



Sponsor a CourseWant to Sponsor a Course?

Sponsoring a wilderness medicine course through Center for Wilderness Safety - at your own location - is a great way to offer your employees, members and the general public, a way to learn potentially life-saving skills that might make all the difference one day!

Many Scout troops, Search And Rescue teams and outdoor organizations host courses at a location of their choosing across the East Coast throughout the year.



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