Adult + Child CPR/AED

CPR TrainingThis hands-on adult and child CPR training course could help you save the life of a family member, a friend, or a stranger by preparing you to correctly and confidently respond to breathing and cardiac emergencies in adults and children over the age of one. Training on (& practice) properly using an AED is also included in this course. 

Led by knowledgeable instructors, American Red Cross CPR training courses combine lecture with hands-on skills sessions. Perfect for those who learn best by doing (and not "death-by-PowerPoint"), our in-person classes give you ample time to ask questions and become comfortable with the latest techniques.

Participants will learn to:

    • Protect the rescuer against disease transmission when giving care.
    • Follow the emergency action steps: Check - Call - Care.
    • Call for, and work with emergency medical services (911).
    • Care for conscious and unconscious choking victims.
    • Perform CPR, as well as care for breathing, and cardiac emergencies in both adults and children.
    • Use an automated external defibrillator (AED) on a victim of a sudden cardiac arrest.
    • Gain the confidence you need to act quickly and effectively in a medical emergency.

 This course is required for many Girl Scout and Boy Scout activities,
and is strongly recommended for all youth and adult leaders.



Course Length:
3 - 4.5 hours
Course Tuition:
$75 per person
Adult + Child CPR/AED  (valid 2 years)
An American Red Cross certificate is earned upon successful completion of course.
Participants must be at least 11 years of age.

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If your organization is interested in learning more about sponsoring an American Red Cross Adult & Child CPR/AED or other CPR training course at your location, please contact our admissions office at toll free (855) 505-1700.

We require a minimum of 6 students in order to sponsor a course. We currently teach this course only in Northern VA/MD/Washington DC area.


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