Sponsoring a Course

Sponsoring a course is a great way to offer a wilderness and remote medicine course at your location for your employees, members and the general public. Many Scout Troops, Search and Rescue teams, and outdoor organizations host courses at a location of their choosing across the East Coast throughout the year. Sponsoring a course is also a great way to earn revenue for your group or organization!


Each year many sponsors recognize the value of our enthusiastic and knowledgeable educators, up-to-date curriculum materials, numerous recertification opportunities and our full service approach to helping them run high quality training programs. Well over four thousand CWS alumni are providing emergency medical care across the globe.

When you sponsor a Center for Wilderness Safety course, you are working with a full-service organization. Our professional staff strive to support your course and give you and your students the best experience possible. We take customer service to heart! We require a minimum of 30 days lead time (preferably 45 or more) prior to a desired course start date. This allows time for participants to register.

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Base Tuition
Min / Max
 Wilderness First Aid
8-12 / 18-30**
 Wilderness Advanced First Aid
8-12 / 18-30**
 Wilderness First Responder
8 / 18-30**
 Wilderness EMT Upgrade
8 / 18-30**

**The minimum number of students required for a course which takes place within 50 miles of Center for Wilderness Safety's headquarters in Sterling, VA is 8 students. All courses hosted more than 50 miles away from the CWS headquarters in Sterling, VA require a minimum of 12 students to host a course and also require at minimum, two instructors. The maximum number of students may be expanded from 18 students to a maximum of 30 students per class if a second instructor is available to teach the class. For classes more than 18 students, we require at least two instructors. Courses that plan on having more than 18 students must be approved in advance.


Scheduling a Course

When scheduling a course, dates depend on both the availability of our instructors and of course, the sponsoring organization's time-frame. We strongly recommend scheduling a Wilderness First Aid course at least three to four months in advance; a Wilderness First Responder course, three or more months out. Finding and booking the course location (facilities, lodging, etc.) is solely the responsibility of the sponsor. If you do not have a location arranged, we will be glad to work with you to help find a nearby solution. Please note that on multi-day courses, we do not permit a change in location from day to day or within the time-frame of the course.

All courses require an indoor classroom with ample room for tables, chairs, PowerPoint projection, as well as space for skills practice - in addition to easy access to an outdoor or wilderness area in which to do practice scenarios and simulations.

The primary scheduling format for the 16-hour Wilderness First Aid (WFA) class is a weekend-based approach, meaning all day Saturday (8 am-6:30 pm) and again all day Sunday (8 am-6:30 pm). As CPR/AED is a prerequisite for this course, many sponsors also offer a dovetailed CPR/AED class on Friday evening (6-10:30 pm). We understand that this may not work for all groups and individuals and are fairly flexible in working around your schedule. Scheduling a WFA over the course of three full days as well as during the week can also be requested, and is certainly an option as well.

The 36-40 hour Wilderness Advanced First Aid (WAFA) class is taught both as a standalone course, and an upgrade from Wilderness First Aid. Please contact us regarding scheduling times and availability.

The most common format of a 72-80 hour Wilderness First Responder (WFR) class is over the course of 7, 8 or 9 days. Times vary, however typically are from 8am until 5pm daily. In some cases, such as the seven-day format, evening sessions may also be required to meet the minimum number of curriculum hours.


Course Costs & Fees

For all courses that are taught within driving distance of Sterling, Virginia (between 50 and 500 miles from our base camp in Sterling, VA), we charge the current GSA rate of $0.51 per mile, both to and from your location for one vehicle. If the course is located within 50 miles of Sterling, VA, we do not charge mileage. We also request meals and lodging for our instructors from the evening before your course through the morning after your course.

If you are unable to provide housing and food, we request a $30 per Diem (per instructor/per day) for meals for the duration of the course; as well as reimbursement for any incurred lodging expenses. Our instructors are usually happy to do home-stays or rent a room at a local university or hostel. Depending upon the course location and time of year, overnight camping may also be acceptable.

The average cost per student, factoring in tuition, additional modules and instructor costs (meals, lodging & mileage) average out to be around $25-$75 above the base tuition. We encourage sponsoring organizations to also earn revenue through the cost of the course tuition.

For courses more than 500 miles from our base camp in Sterling, VA, we require the sponsor pay any air or train fares, as well as any meals and travel expenses incurred by the instructors en route to and from your course location. We also request the same amenities as mentioned above (meals & lodging during the course of the entire program).

Have Questions?

Feel free to email or call us with any questions you may have! Our staff is really knowledgeable and will do whatever it takes to make sure your questions are answered and you're taken care of! Call us toll free at (855) 505-1700 or feel free to contact us via email!

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