Wilderness EMT Upgrade

Wilderness EMT Course SimulationThis 5-day intensive course is designed for those holding current EMT-Basic certification through either State or National Registry, and is very fast paced. The course will build upon the advanced knowledge of patient care of the EMT and will introduce wilderness protocols and procedures that are significantly different from those taught in urban settings due to the element of time and therefore extended patient contact time and care.

Learn to adapt with constantly changing environmental conditions including weather and terrain, not to mention limited resources; while learning to make difficult medical decisions with confidence. This course will test your abilities to provide basic treatment interventions while our experienced instructors guide you through scenario-based, hands-on learning. Be prepared to spend time not only in the classroom, but also outdoors; regardless of weather conditions (after all, this is wilderness EMT).


IntroductionGender-Specific Injures
Abdominal TraumaHeat-Related Illnesses
Airway ManagementHygiene/Food/Water Issues
Allergies & AnaphylaxisLightning Safety
Altitude IllnessesMedical-Legal Issues
An Intro to Wilderness MedicineNorth American Snakebites
Backcountry & Sudden IllnessesOrthopedic Injuries
Basic PharmacologyOxygen Administration
Bear SafetyPatient Assessment System Review
Bites & StingsPatient Packaging & Lifting
Body Substance IsolationRisk Management
Burns & BlistersSearch And Rescue
Cardiac EmergenciesShock & ASR
Chest InjuriesSuspected Spinal Injuries
Cold-Related InjuriesThe Human Body (A&P)
Common Airway EmergenciesToxins & Poisons
Coping With StressTraumatic Brain Injuries
Core Concepts of the WEMTVital Signs
DislocationsWater-Based Emergencies
Epinephrine Auto-InjectorsWilderness First Aid Kits
Evacuation ConsiderationsWounds & Soft Tissue Injuries


Course Length:
50 hours
Base Tuition:
Actual course tuition may vary depending on course location, logistics and options.
Wilderness Emergency Medical Technician (valid 3 yrs)*
*Only valid with current State or National Registry EMT status.

  Successfully complete and pass the pre-class assignment & pretest.

  Be at least 18 years of age.

  Hold current National or State level EMT-Basic certification.

  Hold current certification in Healthcare Provider (BLS) level CPR/AED.**
**The CPR/AED certification must be from either the American Red Cross or the American Heart Association. NO EXCEPTIONS.

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