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An easy way to stay current with the latest in wilderness & remote medicine (as well as other aspects of health, personal wellbeing, and of course outdoor safety is to read these articles. They're a great refresher and are great for research projects!


Wilderness Medicine & Outdoor Safety Articles

       Altitude Sickness 101

        Blister Care & Treatment

        Common Causes of Decreased Brain Function (ALoR)

        NAEMSP Prehospital Spine Immobilization

        Water Purification Methods

American Red Cross Publications

        Official Statement about Hands-Only CPR

        Hurricane Safety Information

        Heat Wave Safety Information

Legal Reference Articles (by Rufus Brown, Esq)

        Duty to Provide Wilderness First Aid

        The Good Samaritan Law

        Intellectual Property Audits for Outdoor Recreational Programs

        Risk Management for Outdoor Programs

        Legal Structure of Teaching & Admin. of Epinephrine in Wilderness Context



       How to Make Moulage (Recipes)

        Applying Moulage

        Playing a Patient (for scenarios

Publications & Downloads