Student Testimonies

Every day CWS alumni use the skills learned here to save lives, educate others, and to help their communities. Our courses are taught by some of the most knowledgeable and passionate people in the field. Anyone can memorize a presentation, but it takes true professionals to convey information in a manner that makes class fun, engaging, and will truly help you learn (and not just memorize) the materials and skills necessary to help in an emergency.

Read what some of our alums have to say about our training programs!


L. Siegler

This was by far the most extensive CPR and Wilderness First Aid training that I have ever had. The course was very well presented and understandable. I learned a great deal that I'll be able to use in the future in the real world and in Scouts.

L. Siegler, Boy Scout Leader

S. Damien

Thank you for an amazing Wilderness First Responder course as well as the bonus leadership and prevention information. The course was a great experience, both in factual information and skills, AND in the "mindset" needed to handle a situation in remote settings.

S. Damien, Outdoor Educator

D. Trimmer

Awesome class! Awesome instructors! That [Wilderness First Aid] class was way better than I was expecting. I'm really glad my mom and I took the class. Now I feel so much better and more prepared to be safe in the great outdoors! THANK YOU!

D. Trimmer, High School Student

A. Krakowski

My Wilderness First Aid class was amazing. I walked away from that class feeling as though I had really gained the confidence that I need to lead backcountry trips and be an asset to the summer camp I'm working at this summer.

A. Krakowski, College Student

M. German

This course came highly recommended to me by my colleagues, and it certainly didn't disappoint. This being the fourth time that I've taken Wilderness First Aid through various folks, I'll be taking the rest of my training through CWS for certain – and advise my team to do the same!

M. German, Mountain Rescue Leader

B. Atworth

My Wilderness First Aid class was great. I met a great new group of folks, and the instructors were all experienced and knowledgeable; and were truly helpful and impartial. They really knew their stuff inside and out. Thank you!

B. Atworth, AMGA Rock Climbing Instructor

J. Collins

I walked out of your class feeling empowered. I learned a great deal and feel well equipped and comfortable to lead a group of 15-year-olds this summer for our teen adventure program. Overall, really impressed!

J. Collins, Summer Camp Counselor

E. Batizado

I'll be quite honest with you - after going through OEC for National Ski Patrol, I wish that they'd been as thorough and in-depth as you all. Your WFR course was intense, but I learned a lot and feel even better prepared!

E. Batizado, National Ski Patrol

I've taken Wilderness First Aid from just about all of the top organizations, and I have to say by far that I like CWS the best. The other courses simply don't compare. And Clif didn't pay me to say that haha!

S. Unger, Outdoor Trip Leader

I've taken CPR & Wilderness First Aid before, but have never been in a class where I've really had fun while learning the material. I feel like I actually understand what to do in an emergency now! Many thanks for a great couple of courses!

R. Immler, US Fish & Wildlife Service

I will certainly be highly recommending that my fellow Sierra Club leaders (as well as anyone who enjoys outdoor adventure) take this course. WFA was great!

B. Hunter, Sierra Club Hike Leader