Why I Recertified My Wilderness First Aid Early

This is what prompted me to renew my cert almost a year early:

Wilderness First AidYesterday our kids were out riding motorcycles in the neighbor’s backyard on the small motocross course they have set up. One of the neighbor boys, Marshall, overshot the tabletop and crashed, went over the handlebars, and landed on his head. Garrett knew I had first aid training and came home to get me. I rushed to the scene and held c-spine on Marshall until the paramedics arrived. Marshall was altered and barely breathing, in very serious condition. They had to airlift him out to Fairfax. Later the EMT thanked me – he said that when they arrived I had done everything right and had control of the scene. Funny thing is, despite being a little rusty it all came naturally.

Marshall is in the Pediatric ICU today. He has a lacerated liver and some bleeding on the brain. Last we heard he was scheduled for a CAT scan, but that there were no signs of brain damage.

Thanks for a great course. “It’s not your emergency” was key to keeping focused. Everything else seemed to happen naturally.

Mike O.

PS. All of the boys wear full gear, but sometimes it just doesn’t prevent injury. The motocross track is now slated for demolition per every mom in attendance. Marshall’s career motocross racing has also ended – he is officially retired, also per his mom.

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